rileyThink Orange. That is what we do at South Shore United Methodist Church.

What would happen if…
…churches started believing in the potential of the family to influence their own kids?
…families started believing in the potential of the church to influence their sons and daughters?

Better yet, what if both churches and families started believing in the potential of combining their influences to accomplish the same mission?

Orange happens when church leaders synchronize their efforts to implement a comprehensive strategy from preschool to college to incite wonder, provoke discovery and fuel passion in the hearts of sons and daughters so they can see God for who He is, so they can see themselves they way God sees them and so they can love others they way God does.

Our vision is to partner with families to maximize parents’ influence in their children’s lives. Orange… the light of the church and the heart of the family…because two combined influences make a greater impact than just two influences.

It is important for us to recognize what is at stake if our children and teenagers walk away from our churches without a concept of God that captures the imagination. We need to show them the wonder, mystery and power of a God who is too big for them, or us, to define, yet who has proven through time and space that God loves them intimately. There is an entire generation that is searching for something bigger than what they have perceived the church has to offer.

Orange, it’s not just a curriculum, it’s a strategy.