Sunday Night Youth

Sunday Night Youth is our main program night. We start at 5:00pm and end at 7:00pm.

We start the night off with a crazy group game involving everyone. Something like dodgeball, relay races, extreme rock/paper/scissors, never have I ever, amoeba tag, just about anything crazy fun and high paced for everyone. Then, we all join together for dinner which is served by other adult ministries from South Shore and some of our own students. This time is provided to give students a chance to catch-up on the weeks events and socialize with all their favorite people. From there we go into our time of worship with our very own Youth Praise Band. During worship we sing, dance, clap, and have an overall good time worshiping God. Then the youth director gives a small intro talk to lead into small group time. Small groups are designed for students to connect with their peers and to wrestle with the human condition and what scripture says about our lives. Students are encouraged to ask the hard questions and relate scripture to our daily lives. After small groups the group comes back together for a short wrap up talk from the youth director and a song or two from the band.

If this sounds like a real good time to you, come check us out at 5:00 Sunday nights for Sunday Night Youth!